Help Make "The Brave Ones,” Album! 

Hello! My name is Caley Rose.

I am a Billboard-charting singer, songwriter, and also the very proud creator of Music with a Message, which brings confidence to your audience of women and children across the country and someday soon the world. I am creating this fundraiser to create six new songs in order to complete my very first album as an artist.

One of these six songs will be a brand new song for Music with a Message. It's called "Brave Ones." It is chock full of affirmations to teach kids confidence and methods to build resilience. Especially those kids who, like me, have been bullied. Kids across the country have been singing along with this song and shouting out the phrase, "I'm one of the brave ones!"

It is so beautiful to see. 

The other five songs are songs that are very near and dear to my heart as an artist because they are the most vulnerable and open I have ever been as a singer and a songwriter. They're also in a brand new genre for me. Last year, I released my song "Trees Touch Skies," and I've had an overwhelming amount of support for this song.

And it really gave me even more faith in myself as a singer and a songwriter. So I created five more songs like it, and I'm really hoping to bring these songs into the world.  

When you help me create these songs and market these songs through this fundraiser, you're also helping the people who these songs are going to bring healing, catharsis, and empowerment to. So thank you so much for donating in advance and for helping me make this music, make this dream come true, and for also helping this music live and thrive in the world and find the people that it's meant to find. 

I'm also very excited for this project because I'm going to be working with my mentor, Rob Seals, as a producer. Rob Seals is someone who, when I was considering becoming a songwriter six years ago, he's the one that guided me on the way through the school, the songwriting school of Los Angeles. It truly changed my life.

It gave me purpose. And it created this path for me that became illuminated and clear in front of me when I realized that I was a songwriter. So I'm so thrilled to be able to work with Rob as a producer. And he's also going to bring in some incredibly talented LA musicians with incredible resumes to create the production of these songs and bring them to life.

So thank you. Thank you. Thank you so much for donating in advance and for helping me bring these songs into the world and reach the people that they're meant to reach and heal and empower. Thank you. 


Fundraising Tiers:

$15 Donation: Voting Rights! Your vote counts for the "Listener's Choice" Selection on the Album. 

$25 Donation: 2 Game Over Stickers + Full Access to the Top Secret Album's Song Demos

$50 Donation: Autographed Empowering T Shirt or Tank of Your Choice* "GAME OVER," "Fight like a GIRL," or "Stop Chasing Boys") *Subject to Availability 

$100 Donation: Special Video Shout Out on Social Media to my combined 10k+ Followers on FB, IG, and Tiktok! (Feed post, not just a story!) 

$500 Donation: Virtual House Concert (30 min) 

$1000 Donation: I will write you a Custom Song!

$5,000 Donation: House Concert In Person Wherever You are Located in the US (1 Hour)

$10,000 Donation: House Concert In Person Wherever You are Located in the World (1 Hour) 

* In person house concerts will be redeemed within 2 years of donation date