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Co-Creator of the Original Animated Comedy Series, "Between Busts." 

Caley voices Marie Antoinette, Julia Child, and Jane Austen.

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Voice Over Clients Include:

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Caley has leant her voice to clients from Argentina to Switzerland to Fortune 500 companies in the United States such as Target and McDonalds. She offers a fresh and genuine sound that will be perfect for your voice over needs. As a professional singer as well as actress, she has a wide vocal range and expert control, which help her to capture the energy of a spot and create authentic, compelling characters.

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“Caley provides the voice overs for the main trainer in our animated training videos at Sage. Her voice is really great: energetic, friendly, and unique. But what's really cool is that she can change it! I was blown away by her professionalism. She takes notes quickly, and often improves upon our ideas for adjustments to fit the character and flow of the piece. My team and I enjoy working with Caley and would highly recommend her voice talents. ...I'm glad I picked you for the character. Your voice is fantastic and hearing you work on the recording process shows why you're a pro. Thx!"" - Rob Houser, Sage, Senior Director, User Experience & Product Management