I Was Nominated for Best Lead Actress at the Austin WebFest!

I am so honored to be nominated in the Best Lead Actress category for "We're Here Now" at the Austin WebFest! The series is also nominated for the Best Comedy, Best Writing, and Audience Choice Awards. Fingers SUPER crossed!!! 

It's such a HUGE honor to be nominated for a best acting award too, because I used to be the WORST at acting. Truly. Singing was always my thing, and acting was other people's thing. I've worked really hard to up my skills, though, and trained for years and years and will continue training, as all actors must. We need to be in class constantly sharpening our skills and keeping our instruments flexible and at the ready for all of the big, incredible opportunities coming our way! We are so much like athletes in that way, requiring physical and mental prowess and strength. So we stay in class, voice over workout groups, and keep flexing these emotional muscles. I will even work on auditions with friends whenever I can in order to get OUT of my crazy lil head and to get outside perspective, which is so incredibly helpful. It also helps take me out of the isolation that can be part of the daily grind as an actor, auditioning in my voice over booth, memorizing lines, and submitting to castings online (I still do this, because even though my reps are doing this for me as well, we are all a team, and you can't just rely on your reps while you sit back and coast! Constantly pushing forward. Okay, end parentheses :p ).

 It feels so incredible to be acknowledged! The Austin WebFest team even initially mistook my name for my character's name, Jen Buckley, which is a huge compliment that they couldn't tell us apart. This character has become a part of me and I of her. Yay to acting, celebrating, and the incredible town of Austin, Texas. Thanks Austin WebFest!! 

Between Busts was Featured on Hello Giggles!

The brilliant writer of our Animated Comedy Series, Amy Aniobi, and "Between Busts" were featured on Hello Giggles!

The writer gave such a nice mention of "Between Busts" and me, and it was so exciting! I have been a HUGE fan of the blog, co-founded by Zooey Deschanel, and "positive online community for women" for so long, so to see our my friend, our series, and my own name on their site was SUCH an incredible honor! I'll be floating in the air for the next few days, so you may not see me for a while... :) 

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My Animated Comedy Series Debuted!

Between Busts, the Animated Comedy Series that Caley Co-Created, Co-Produced, and Voices, Released its First Three Episodes! "Very Modern Thoughts from Some Very Dead Women." Click Here to Catch Up.