Creating My Own Content

It's the latest craze! "Creating your own content." Everyone says you should do it, but sometimes I find actors avoid it. Either from fear of the content they release to not be perfect enough (me), indecisiveness about WHAT to create (so they don't create anything), or plain laziness. Well folks, I finally overcame my perfectionism and made some original content. First, it was an animated comedy series, Between Busts , and now it's on camera work!

You can watch our first sketch here. Our budget wasn't a million dollars, and nothing was perfect (as nothing ever is!), but WE DID IT, and I'm pretty darn proud. In this internet age, we all have very opportunity to create. We have cameras on our phones! So there it is, I did it. I'm going to keep doing it, and it was pretty fun! As making people laugh always should be. 

ALSO- if you'd like to learn about Football, I co-hosted a cool show called Football XOXO which can be found here. Check it out! Go Bills! 


This Buffalo Gal