Between Busts was Featured on Hello Giggles!

The brilliant writer of our Animated Comedy Series, Amy Aniobi, and "Between Busts" were featured on Hello Giggles!

The writer gave such a nice mention of "Between Busts" and me, and it was so exciting! I have been a HUGE fan of the blog, co-founded by Zooey Deschanel, and "positive online community for women" for so long, so to see our my friend, our series, and my own name on their site was SUCH an incredible honor! I'll be floating in the air for the next few days, so you may not see me for a while... :) 

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We're Here Now Original Series released!

Catch me as Jen Buckley, a NY socialite who's a cross between Regina George and Samantha from Sex and the City in "We're Here Now," here

This was a super fun role to play, because Jen is completely unfiltered, sometimes callous, and goes after exactly what she wants. We all have a lot to learn from this character, and I learned a lot from playing her. Finding the "Jen Buckley" inside of me definitely gave me a renewed sense of confidence, on-screen and off. 

What else I loved about shooting this comedy series: I lived in a house in Dayton, Ohio, for two weeks with my co-stars. I had known Chad Wyckoff before this shoot, from a previous film shoot that we acted in together in Maryland, but I met Gavin Eastlake the day before we began filming. The guys picked me up at the airport in an SUV that was blaring hip hop and then we became roommates and costars for the next ten days. Living together fostered a closer relationship that we were then able to bring to life on-screen and, bonus, it was a ton of fun. Our character in "We're Here Now," had been friends since they were kids, so living together helped us get really close, really fast. Especially since we shared a bathroom. I still wonder if that house was haunted though... 



January film acting and voice recordings.

I booked a recurring role in "Insult to Injury," a musical web series. It's super exciting to act and sing in this fun and quirky show. I get to play a "Janeane Garofalo type" type, sarcastic and dry, which is a lot of fun to play, and the rest of the cast is extremely talented!

This month, I also got to play a "wealthy birth mother," Marcy, in the feature film Quinn, directed by Andrew Cinclair. I acted opposite Claudia Wells, from Back to the Future, which was incredibly incredibly cool.

I already recently did voice over for a Payless commercial! I'm my conversational, friendly self, neither sarcastic, nor snobby in this spot. :) 

I booked the role of "Marty" in Plan B Entertainment's production of Grease! 

Off to Anchorage, Alaska for the first time in my life!

I'm going back to my musical theater roots!

I get to play such a fun character in "Grease," Marty!

Since I've booked this, I've encountered a lot of people that say, "oh yeah, you're such a Marty." I'm not quite sure what that means, but I'm very happy I'm a Marty, this Marty! I'll get to sing, act, and dance my heart away all the way up in Anchorage, Alaska. I've never been to Alaska, but am excited for this adventure and psyched to be acting onstage again and entertaining the 2000 seat house! 

Super Psyched! Bookings Report!

Recent Hosting and VO Bookings:

I'm hosting "Football XOXO," coming soon to Youtube and Amazon! I may not know a lot about Football yet, but as a host for this show, I'm going to do my research and practice my scripts in order to be as football-versed as possible! 

I also recently booked Voice Over commercials for Red Bull, Noosa Yohgurt, and REI! It's always my favorite thing when the behind the scenes day-to-day work of auditioning for VO allows me to go into professional Voice Over studios and work with amazing people here in Los Angeles, the mecca of the entertainment industry. So much of Voice Over auditioning takes place in my home studio these days, I would say 90%, maybe more, and so when I get to work on VO and be directed by talented individuals, it's always such a treat!